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Workforce Monitoring App

There will always be health and safety challenges, whatever sector you work in. But there’s also a need to monitor the safety status of employees who are working alone. Employers are duty-bound to care for the welfare of their employees while they work on their behalf, but it can be hard to monitor the status of members of your workforce when they are working off the premises. Not now. Not with the introduction of StaySafe’s workforce monitoring app.

The StaySafe app will give you peace of mind that your employees are safe when working alone. Perhaps you previously found out of hours/off the premises monitoring tricky? Perhaps you regularly worried about the safety of your workforce when carrying out jobs? Well, StaySafe has the solution.

Why StaySafe? Our workforce monitoring app works on smartphones but also operates as a cloud-based monitoring solution. It’s easy to use, highly-customisable, low in cost, and it can be used anywhere – all you need is a smartphone or tablet. The app is also flexible in that it can be adapted to work across different areas of industry, from health and social care to field services.

Do you worry about members of your workforce when they work remotely or have to travel for work? Worry no more, with StaySafe.