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Wearable Lone Working Technology

Instant check-in and panic alarm


A small wearable button for an easy to access, discreet panic, check-in and man down

StaySafe with V.BTTN allows your employees to continue using the StaySafe app without unlocking their phone. Simply connect the button to your device via Bluetooth, leave your phone nearby, and click or hold to continue to check in or send a panic alert.

Discreet panic

Send a panic alert discreetly and out of view when faced with a difficult situation or individual

Man down

Automatic man down alerts are sent when the button detects a fall or impact.

Dust and Weather Proof

Durable technology means Click is suitable for use in any work environment

Quick Check-in

Continue to check-in to a running session at the touch of a button

Convenient Access

Click can be worn on a wristband, pendant or clip for convenient access

Compact Design

With a diameter of only 1.3 inches, the button is unobtrusive and can remain hidden

How it works

The V.BTTN works whenever the StaySafe app in running on the users phone – even if in the background. Once paired to a device, the user is able to assign check-in and panic functions to two options: single click, and press and hold.


We recommend pairing Panic with press and hold to avoid false alerts.


Single click allows users to check in to a session quickly and effortlessly

Man down

The device detects falls from a height of approximately 3 feet and triggers an alert

Pairing your device with V.BTTN is a great solution for anyone working in fast paced, social or industrial work environments where pushing a button may be a more convenient way of using the StaySafe app.

Visiting Clients

When carrying out home visits or working closely with a client, using a phone could distract from the conversation. Click allows your employees to continue to check in with you without disrupting the visit.

Alternatively, if an employee is being threatened or attacked, taking out a phone could aggravate the situation. Click allows your employees to raise a panic alert quickly and discreetly.

Working away from phone

Working at height, with gloves or machinery means that using a phone is not always convenient. V.BTTN allows your employees to check in by simply touching a button on their persons.

Similarly, if they suffer from an accident, calling for help may not be possible. Wearing the button on their person allows an injured employee to easily access the panic button without worsening the injury, while falls will trigger an automatic man down alert.

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