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Man Down Safety Devices

Ensure you are alerted if an employee suffers an accident

The benefits of lone worker man down alarms

Slips, trips and falls remains the biggest cause of workplace accidents across many industries – in fact the risk was cited in 49% of workplaces in the UK . Whether falling from height or tripping on wiring and other hazards, falls can cause serious injury and even fatality to your employees. Knowing when a fall happens and sending immediate medical assistance can be the difference between a minor injury and a life changing one.

But what if your employees work alone or out of sight and sound? How can they raise the alarm if they are injured? Man down alarms and devices are becoming an increasingly popular solution for such situations.

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What are man down alarms?

Man down alarms are devices that detect falls or impact and send a man down alert to an external monitor. There are a number of man down alarm options available on the market today, from mobile apps to wearable technology.

How do man down systems work?

Man down devices will usually work through the use of an accelerometer or man down sensor. They may detect a change in position, a lack of movement or a sudden impact.


  • Wearable man down devices

DeviceStaySafe offer a man down device in the form of the V.BTTN, a small wearable button that can be worn in a variety of ways including around the wrist. The V.BTTN works using an accelerometer which detects a fall followed by an impact.


  • Lone worker man down app

Supervising iconApps work in a slightly different way to wearable devices in that they detect non-movement rather than impact.

The StaySafe app utilises smartphone accelerometers to detect periods of non-movement. If the device does not move for 10 minutes, a non-movement alert will be sent to the monitor allowing them to check on the person’s safety and send assistance if necessary.

The great thing about lone worker apps is that they offer much more than just a non-movement alert. The StaySafe app also works as a GPS tracking solution with panic options and missed check in alerts. This means that someone will be alerted even in a non-fall related emergency.

Who could benefit from a man down system?

  • Remote and lone workers

Slips, trips and falls iconWith 28% of non-fatal injuries being caused by slips, tips and falls, anyone working alone or out in the field could benefit from using a man down system.

The hazards associated with falls are not only common, but often uncontrollable for those working away from a fixed work base.

For example, many lone workers enter client homes, work sites and travel between meetings. While training can be given on identifying and removing fall hazards when entering a new environment, it is not always practical to do so.

Both man down devices and apps can be useful in such situations depending on the level of risk.


  • Working at height

Working at height iconsFalls from height remain the biggest cause of workplace fatalities. Due to the high risk involved, all possible steps should be taken by the business to prevent falls from occurring. However, if an employee does suffer a fall, man down alarms will ensure someone is alerted immediately.

When working at height, it is important to have a man down system that detects fall and impact rather than just non-movement.


  • Medical conditions

medical condition iconIf you hire employees with a known medical condition, man down alarms can alert you if they fall unconscious or are unable to move. In these situations, a man down app that detects non-movement may be the best option as someone with a medical condition in need of help may not always suffer a fall.


  • In areas of low signal

Low signal - 2GMan down alarm systems need a mobile signal to send an alert. If your employees operate in areas of mobile blackspots, StaySafe’s low signal mode allows the mobile app to send non-movement alerts over an SMS signal.

If you are interested in any of StaySafe’s lone worker man down solutions get in contact to find the right option for you.