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Easy to use lone worker app for the Property sector

Our easy to use lone worker solution is ideal for those operating in the property, where visiting client homes and empty properties is common practice.

StaySafe is used by a range of estate agents and property developers around the world and offers reliable protection from commonly faced challenges such as violence and aggression, slips, trips and falls, and other common causes of accidental injury.

How our safety app can support the property sector

Lone working has become commonplace for many working in the property sector, with employees regularly carrying out maintenance, building work and meeting with clients, alone and away from the office. While working alone is usually safe, lone working brings with it additional risk as any danger faced, is faced alone.

The StaySafe app ensures lone workers have a way to signal for help in any situation. A panic button can be used at any time, while missed check-in and session expiry alerts will send an alarm even when the lone worker can’t. If an employee is faced with an aggressor, a panic can be triggered discreetly while a Duress PIN can be used to trick them into thinking the app has been closed, when in fact, a high priority alarm is triggered.

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Risks for lone workers in the property industry

Lone workers operating in the housing industry and local authorities face potentially challenging situations as they enter client’s homes alone, work late hours, carry out maintenance and deal with sensitive situations such as evictions. Such environments mean that housing employees can be exposed to a range of environmental and people risk.

  • Environmental risk

Working in locations away from the office which haven’t been risk assessed can expose employees to common workplace hazards such as slips, trips and falls,  and electrocution. Carrying out maintenance or construction work on properties comes with a wide range of potential hazards especially when working on unstable structures, at height or when using heavy equipment or machinery.

  • Driving

Travelling on the road is one of the greatest and most uncontrollable risks workers around the world face each day. Travel risks are not always immediately considered, yet many employees regularly spend time travelling between appointments and properties.

  • Violence and aggression

Unfortunately, violence and aggression can be common within the property industry, particularly for those in real estate who meet with clients alone and behind closed doors.

  • Ill health

If a lone worker suffers from a medical emergency such as a heart attack or fainting, receiving immediate support and alerting emergency services could prove difficult without nearby colleagues.

Some of our property customers

Clinton Devon Estates is a rural estate comprising 10,000 hectares. The company’s lone workers are required to perform off-site duties, which range from independent site visits to using heavy machinery and working at height. 

Morgan Sindall have been appointed on some of the UK’s most complex construction and engineering schemes.

How StaySafe helps protect your lone workers

At StaySafe we have specifically designed functionality to overcome common lone workers challenges faced in the property sector. A man down alarm and issed check-in alerts will ensure someone is alerted in the event of an accident, while a discreet panic provides a way to signal for help without aggravating a tense situation.

The app also monitors the location of lone workers in real-time and allows them to check-in safely once they have finished a lone working or travel session. A note taking facility allows lone workers to add extra details to a session such as where in a building they are based or the type of work they are carrying out.

The StaySafe monitoring Hub provides an accurate location and up to date safety status so that you always know where your employees are and if they are safe, even when schedules change last minute.

Why the property sector loves the StaySafe monitoring solution

 “StaySafe’s unique features allow us to overcome common safety challenges in the property sector and we now feel assured that we will be alerted whenever our lone workers are in need of help. Having a solution that was easy to implement was a priority for us so that our employees were open to making the change from our more traditional methods. Our account manager Teresa made the transition incredibly easy and was extremely helpful at all stages. Teresa made sure any questions we had were answered and we are all very happy with the results. Her continued help and guidance has been much appreciated.”

Tim Wade

Manager, Gallant Richardson

“It is important that our lone workers feel reassured that their safety is taken care of and that we as a company are meeting our duty of care. Our staff now have peace of mind knowing that help is on hand wherever they are, should they need it. We have found the app really simple to navigate and notifications sent from the app to the Hub are instant and accurately received. Launching StaySafe has also allowed our lone workers and their managers to focus more time on their day to day roles rather than on manual check-ins”. 

Carla Whitaker

Clinton Devon Estates

“The app was easy and quick to download and StaySafe configured our Hub to meet our needs, for example the map in our system is automatically zoomed in on South Essex where we are based. StaySafe also gave us lots of information regarding documenting our lone worker policies and procedures. Although the app is a fixed product, the communication and service we received from StaySafe was still personal to us and our business. They are our lone working partner, not just an app provider and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in our industry”

Alison Bryant

Financial Director, Joscelyne Chase

“We’ve been very impressed with the way StaySafe provides real time tracking of our colleagues, allows them to check in safely after appointments and notifies senior management automatically in the event a staff member requires assistance. We were particularly impressed with the StaySafe app because it offers additional features such as an inactivity alert, which is activated if a colleague remains in a location for longer than expected and a duress alert which notifies management if an employee purposely enters a false PIN code. These additional features not only help us meet our legal obligations to keep our workers safe but also offer greater greater peace of mind to our employees when they are out in the field.”

Scott Neal

LPC Living

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