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Red Wolf Security Group, who provide security and monitoring services to businesses across New Zealand, have added lone worker safety app StaySafe to their product portfolio.

The move comes in order to meet the growing demand for lone worker safety protection in the region following the passing of the Health and Safety at Work Act on 4th April 2016.

The StaySafe monitoring Hub is now fully integrated with Red Wolfs monitoring software, allowing Red Wolf to offer their professional monitoring and response services to StaySafe users.

Lone working has become increasingly more popular over the years as businesses look to increase efficiency and lower costs. However, health and safety legislation also continues to tighten and with lone workers more vulnerable to workplace safety risks, businesses are looking for safety solutions to help them comply.

Red Wolf are one of a number of security firms in New Zealand who now have the option to offer the StaySafe app to their clients since StaySafe successfully integrated with popular cloud-based monitoring software provider Bold Manitou. When used as part of a robust lone worker policy, StaySafe allows organisations to meet their legal duty of care.

Tony Patmore, Managing Director at Red Wolf comments “StaySafe provides an excellent level of protection for lone workers and integrating StaySafe with our current monitoring software has been challenging but really rewarding. All of our monitors have enjoyed using StaySafe and have found the technology to be incredibly simple and user friendly.”

Since its launch in 2016 StaySafe has become a significant source of recurring revenue for Red Wolf through the addition of a number of new clients including organisations in the Government and Banking industries.

Red Wolf currently have many hundreds of StaySafe users live with Red Wolf monitoring and they predict with current interest they will quickly grow their StaySafe users to over many thousands.

Don Cameron CEO StaySafe adds “Through successfully integrating our software with that of Bold Manitou, whose professional monitoring technology is outsourced to security service providers throughout New Zealand, Red Wolf were able to expand their product portfolio quickly and easily to meet the growing demand for lone worker protection from their customers.”

Following the work that Red Wolf have carried out, StaySafe can be easily integrated with any monitoring station using Bold software. If you are interested in expanding into the lone worker market, get in contact today.

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