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Less than a week in to the Euros 2016 and we have already seen reports of violence between fans in France where the games are taking place.

While events which bring people together from all over the world, should be one of celebration and unity, unfortunately there are a small group of people who look for trouble at such events.

As was the case over the weekend where 35 people have been injured during brawls, riots and clashes, in what has already been named as the worst violence at an international tournament since the 1998 world cup.

With large groups charging at apposing fans, violence on the streets and fireworks being thrown into the stadium, peaceful visitors at the event are just as much at risk to the violence.

There is also of course, the fear of a terror attack following recent events around the world and in France in November, earlier this year.

The British Foreign Office warned that stadiums, fan zones and transport hubs could be possible targets for attack during the tournament and urge those attending to stay vigilant. Fortunately, this also means that security has been increased in and around the stadium.

If you have loved ones or employees attending the event for business or pleasure, or are at the event yourself and find yourself in the midst of violence or emergency, there is some advice you can follow;

  • Download the Stay Safe app

Safety apps can help alert you of an emergency and alert others if you find yourself effected. StaySafe is ideal for anyone who has employees travelling to the Euros and want to ensure that they are safe.

StaySafe is a lone worker solution that monitors the safety status of employees working alone or away from supervision.

If an employee attending the event does find themselves in any trouble, they are able to send an alert to the employer who can view their location and react accordingly.

This solution is useful in a number of situations; from an employee suffering an accident and needing assistance, to the event of a terror attack where an alert can be sent discreetly even when the user may not be able to make a phone call.

  • Report anything suspicious

As is the advice at any large event, if you see any unattended items or witness any suspicious behaviour, report it to security or the police immediately.

  • Get to a safe place

If an incident does occur, whether a fight between fans or an emergency, get to a safe place as calmly as possible.

A running crowd of people can cause more injury from trampling and pushing. Remember children and less abled people may be present at the event.

  • Call 112 in an emergency

112 is the emergency number to call in France. Ensure you get to a safe place first and avoid pay phones in the event of a terror attack.

  • Hide somewhere secure

If you need to hide, ensure you find a solid object to hide behind and mute your phone. If using StaySafe you may want to turn off audible alerts.


Download our disaster management document here to see how else Stay Safe can help in the event of an emergency.

Or get in contact today for a free trial to keep you and your employees safe during Euros 2016.









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