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Lone worker protection systems

Lone worker protection systems provide a way for businesses to monitor the safety of staff who work alone. Lone worker systems could include buddy systems, manual check-ins or lone worker apps and devices which can be monitored remotely by the business or Alarm Response Centre.

Staff who work alone can be more vulnerable to workplace risks as any dangers they face are encountered alone. While lone working is completely legal and usually safe to do so, organisations must have safety systems in place in order to meet their legal duty of care and ensure lone working employees are not working in high-risk situations.

Traditionally, organisations have used manual systems such as check-calls and text-in services to monitor lone workers. However, developments in technology mean that there are now more reliable and efficient systems available on the market. And as such systems become more accessible and affordable, it is becoming more expected for businesses to have a technology-based system in place.

Several regulatory bodies including the HSE in the UK and WorkSafeBC in Canada, even suggest app and device systems as an effective way to comply with health and safety legislation.

StaySafe’s lone worker protection system

StaySafe offer a lone worker safety system comprised of an app and monitoring Hub. The app allows lone working employees to begin a session, check-in safely during set intervals, or trigger an alert if in need of assistance. The monitoring Hub provides a location view of all workers in a session and will notify a monitor if an alert is triggered.

Full StaySafe solution

Using StaySafe’s lone worker system entirely streamlines the monitoring process. Rather than checking in with employees throughout the day, a supervisor will only be alerted when they need to be.  The system is quick, easy to use and reliable. Even in situations where a lone worker is unable to raise an alert, the app will automatically send non-movement alerts and missed check-ins.

Benefits of employee protection systems

Incorporating a protection system into your lone working policy, not only allows businesses to meet their duty of care, but also provides employees with the confidence that their safety is being looked after.

If the risk of accident or aggression at work is high, lone workers can become dissatisfied with their jobs and even feel scared when entering the workplace, causing a rise in sick days and a lower level of productivity.

The StaySafe app turns lone workers’ mobile phones into a safety tool that is always with them. Knowing that someone will be alerted if they are faced with a dangerous situation, is likely to instil confidence and improve the level of employee wellbeing.

And because the StaySafe app is quick and easy to use, it is less disruptive and easier to adopt compared with traditional lone worker systems.

If you are interested in StaySafe’s lone worker solution, you can be set up in as little as 24 hours! Contact us for more information or request a demo.