Locate and protect your employees during an incident

With IncidentEye - our easy to use incident management system

What is IncidentEye?

IncidentEye is an easy to use solution which allows you to rapidly locate and protect your employees during an incident. The intuitive Hub allows you to quickly check the location and status of your employees, send tailored communications and respond accordingly. It allows you to quickly answer the question, “Are any of our people affected?”

Cloud-based Hub

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Smartphone App

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Set up and manage an incident

Create a geofence

To set up an incident, create a geofence around the incident zone on the map and briefly summarise the threat. This can be done in seconds.

Collect location and determine status

Setting up an incident will trigger automatic location gathering from users’ phones so that you can tell who is in or near an incident. This allows you to focus your communications on those who may be affected. Users can then be alerted to the incident and will be asked to specify whether they are safe or in danger.

Communicate with groups

Once an incident is live, you can send updates, advice and other critical information to a single user or a group of users from the Hub.

Resolve and close

Once the threat is over, you can close the incident in the Hub and notify your employees. A full audit report is produced with details of the incident and your response.

Respond and communicate

View emergency contacts

An emergency contacts tab within the app will display contact numbers for emergency services and a team emergency contact.

Receive communications

The user will receive notifications of messages sent to them via the app. Messages are stored in the app and can be referred to at any time.

Confirm safety status

The user is prompted to respond to the incident by specifying whether they are safe or in danger. The user’s safety status can be changed at any time after the initial response.

Be notified of an incident

The message received by users will prompt them to open the app where they can view the details of the threat and a location view.

Receive incident alerts

When an incident is raised in the Hub, a notification can be sent to users via the app, SMS and email.

Meet your legal duty of care

Quick & easy to use

The app and Hub are designed to offer unrivaled user experience

Reliable communications

Designed to operate over multiple communication channels when communications may be disrupted

Reduce business down time

Save time and resources spent locating your workforce when compared with traditional methods.

Provide peace of mind

Employees know they are not alone during an emergency

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