Locate and protect employees during an incident

With IncidentEye - our intuitive incident management solution

Your employees are facing a growing number of incidents that are beyond your control but can affect their ability to work effectively and potentially their health and safety

What is IncidentEye

The IncidentEye incident management solution is an app and monitoring service which allows you to rapidly locate and protect your
employees during an emergency. The intuitive Hub allows you to quickly check the location and
status of your employees, send tailored communications and avoid harm.

With IncidentEye you can;

Exercise your duty of care

Status information and communications are tracked throughout the incident. This is saved as a report and audit trail

Capture employee safety status

Collect real-time information on those located in the geozone. Those involved are prompted to specify whether they are safe or need assistance

Attend to those who need help

Communication can be focussed and tailored to the needs of those at risk without disrupting the majority who are not affected by the incident

Focus on those affected

By plotting an affected area in the hub, called a geozone, IncidentEye will determine who is in or nearby the incident

Features of IncidentEye;

User communication is sent via the app along with email and SMS where needed

Hub can be easily accessed from anywhere using a browser

Maintains personal privacy – only users within the geozone of an incident will be displayed within the Hub and notified of an incident

App can be distributed automatically or downloaded from the Apps Store or Google Play

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