About this job

Job type:                    Permanent

Experience level:     Mid-level, Senior

Role:                           Full Stack Developer


We are looking to add a full-time, talented Full Stack Developer to our core product team to help bring our web portal and web services to the next level.  You will be responsible for delivering core functionality of our real-time geospatial safety product, and we need your help to continue developing a highly scalable and rock-solid platform using the standard mix of PHP, Linux, Apache, Nginx and MySQL hosted on AWS.  The role is remote, but we also have offices in Farringdon, London and co-workers in the South West of England.

About You

You have experience working with databases.  You are comfortable modelling database schemas and writing queries across a variety of data sources.

You love building new things.  Most of what you’ll do each day is guiding, building and maintaining StaySafe’s core services and platform.  This is a full-stack position, so you’ll be working across the entire StaySafe codebase.  You’ll have a primary focus on backend development in PHP.  You’ll also be working with frontend tech, alongside our mobile developers and more.  You are not afraid of experimenting with new technologies and are passionate about writing high quality code.

You solve challenges involving scaling, reliability and high availability.  You are comfortable building and scaling applications on one or more technologies that make up our AWS stack, including Docker, EC2, ECS, SNS, SQS, MySQL, Ansible and more.

You have strong Object Orientated PHP skills and experience writing APIs and web applications.  You have a history of shipping high-quality production code in PHP and understand the benefit of automated testing to ensure the quality of the software.  You are familiar with frameworks such as Symfony.  More widely you embrace automation and take pride in helping your team be more efficient.

You have a dedicated and private space to enable home working.  You’ll need to be able to work from home without interruptions, as well as being able to travel on occasion.

You love learning.  Engineering is an ever-evolving world.  You enjoy playing with new tech and exploring areas that you might not have experience with yet.

Things You Might Do

You are likely to get involved in all aspects of our technology stack.  However, here of some of the things you might do:

  1. Write application code to support new features and create new APIs.
  2. Help migrate from legacy monolith to micro service architecture.
  3. Research and develop POCs.
  4. Own the services you develop from development through testing and deployment
  5. Identify and fix bugs that affect our web services.
  6. Work alongside our account management teams to provide second line technical support
  7. Automate disaster recovery efforts and improve overall resiliency to failures.
  8. Develop an integration with a third-party service ingesting our data.

Being a remote team we encourage active collaboration through Slack and video conferencing in Hangouts, including pair programming, show and tell sessions, demos and retrospectives.

About Us

For the past six years, StaySafe has been protecting lone workers.  We operate across five continents and protect thousands of people every day.  We do this through our smartphone apps and web-based platform.


  • Competitive Salary
  • 25 day’s holiday in addition to 8 public holidays
  • Opportunity to work remote and with flexible hours.
  • Childcare Voucher scheme
  • Pension scheme

How to Apply

Applying is straightforward, but we ask a number of questions up front help us get right into the interesting stuff rather than wasting time on informational follow-up interviews.

  1. Send an email to engineeringjobs@staysafeapp.com
  2. Tell us about yourself (include how you heard about StaySafe and the position).
  3. Tell us about the most difficult API/library/software bug you’ve squashed (we love troubleshooting stories).
  4. Tell us about a technically impressive thing you’ve built.
  5. Tell us about the largest deployment you’ve worked on.
  6. Tell us about your favourite technology to work with.
  7. Include links to your portfolio / Github profile or provide us with 500+ LOC to help us get a feel for how you write code.


We look forward to hearing from you.


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