Staying safe amidst a spike in thefts over holiday period

For most, the Christmas season is a time for generosity, tasty foods and good cheer. However, many criminals take advantage of this time of year to commit heinous crimes, taking advantage of lone workers, low-staffed shops and empty homes. During … Read More

Identifying your lone workers – understanding the roles & risks

When we think of lone workers we usually imagine those working in complete isolation such as a security guard manning a building at night, or a farmer working out in the middle of a field. However, while this may be … Read More

In the news: two lone workers left traumatized following armed robberies

Two female employees manning stores on their own, became targets to two separate violent robberies in Lanarkshire, UK, just a fortnight apart. The first of the attacks occurred when the worker was closing up at night. The two men stormed … Read More

Threats to staff safety that are out of your control

38% of employees too scared to report workplace injuries

A recent study by Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors, has revealed that employees across all industries are too scared to report an injury sustained in the workplace, in fear that they will make their employer angry. The survey which involved … Read More

In the news: Lone train driver attacked

A tube driver was attacked in the UK last month after fighting passengers forced their way into her cab. The driver was driving a train between King’s Cross and Angel station late in the evening when the two men screamed … Read More

Live terror investigations in the UK reaches 676

The number of terror investigations has risen sharply in the last few months, increasing from “over 500” in March to 676 by the end of June, revealed a PM spokesperson today. This statement comes the day after a terror attack … Read More

UK gross negligence manslaughter sentences set to significantly increase

Beginning at the start of November 2018, employers in England and Wales charged with gross negligence manslaughter will face much stricter punishments. This includes life in prison for the most serious cases. The guidelines come amongst claims that offenders are … Read More

HSE stats reveal rise in workplace fatalities

HSE’s annual statistics released earlier this month, show that the number of fatal workplace injuries in the UK has risen by 9.  In the year ending March 2018, 144 lives were lost due to a workplace injury, while a further … Read More

Protecting Lone Workers from sexual harassment in the workplace

Last week, StaySafe attended the Health and Safety Expo at the London Excel, where we tuned in to some important talks regarding Lone Worker safety. Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms and is shockingly more common than … Read More