In the news: Attempted robbery on lone worker

Earlier this week, an employee working at a restaurant alone in Coney Island, New York, was involved in an attempted, armed mugging. At around 2am on the 8th October, three men entered the restaurant where the employee was working and … Read More

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Health & Safety fines 65% higher than cost of compliance

There are many reasons to invest in health and safety in the workplace. Employees are a valuable asset and not only do employers hold a moral responsibility to protect them, but it also makes good business sense. A safe work … Read More


In the news: Two lone workers threatened during armed robberies

The Incidents Subway Preston At 9:50pm on Monday 21st August, three men dressed in black with their faces covered, entered a Subway sandwich store armed with a claw hammer and knife. A lone worker manning the store at the time, … Read More


Two thirds of UK businesses fail to meet basic health & safety law

One of the most basic requirements set out by health and safety legislation around the world, is to produce and distribute health and safety policies to all employees following thorough risk assessment. Health and safety policies allow employees to operate … Read More


The way we were: the evolution of health and safety 

Health and safety continues to improve around the world year on year, with fatality and injury numbers gradually decreasing. Recent changes include the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act in New Zealand and stricter sentencing guidelines in … Read More

Construction worker

7 Ways to Help Keep Workers Safe in the Construction Industry

The construction industry accounts for over 3 million jobs – working out at 10% of total UK employment. Due to the nature of the work, it’s one of the UK’s most dangerous job roles with workers being exposed to a … Read More

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Property industry: why personal safety has never been so important

Last month a mother and daughter, Wendy and Natanya Campbell, were shot dead when they attended a tenant’s home in Northland, New Zealand. The pair had travelled to Quinn Patterson’s home to carry out a maintenance inspection, when Patterson began … Read More

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Jason’s story: lessons learnt from a preventable accident

In 1993, Jason Anker went to work as usual on a construction site. While there, he was tasked with carrying out some work on the roof of a building. The work was expected to take two hours but his team … Read More

HSE Statistics

Fatal workplace injury statistics UK 2016/17

HSE’s latest provisional workplace fatality figures, reveal 137 fatalities over 2016/17, and a continuation of past trends. Positively, 137 fatalities represents the second lowest year on record after 2013/14. However, following a drop in 2012/13, the trend in the number … Read More

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Why training is essential for every employee

Guest blog by Tom Reddon As technology and business continues to grow and evolve, safety in the workplace has also evolved with modern trends. Fundamental safety training and continuous improvement programs have become outdated with the innovation and implementation of … Read More