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Lone Worker Safety

A lone worker can be any worker who completes a job away from their usual base. Some workers may also work alone on nights or at weekends, or perhaps travel to work, such as construction workers or those carrying out repair and maintenance work. By law, employers have a duty of care to protect their employees while they carry out work on their behalf.

Every business or organisation should want to promote lone worker safety practices as part of a lone worker safety policy, and you can do so with the StaySafe app.

This app makes it easier to communicate with workers when they are working alone or off-site. This allows employers to protect the safety and welfare of their employees during their working hours. This is especially necessary if the worker or workers are operating in a high risk environment or in an isolated location.

The StaySafe app is a smart device which can be used as a safety tool. The app will always keep the worker in contact with you, even when in areas where mobile signal is poor. You will always have coverage, and the lone worker will never have their safety compromised.

Keen to find out more? We take lone worker safety seriously.

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